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The Purple Crayon

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Our Promise

When I began The Purple Crayon in 2008, it started with the thought that every child learns differently, and those differences needed to be embraced. Each year, we strive to provide the best education and curriculum for our students. Taking the things that I admire about various early childhood philosophies and combining them into a program that would foster a love of learning in young children is what the foundation of our program is built on.

Purple Crayon Students

After years of experience and building and improving on our curriculum, we know it’s working. Seeing the happy and engaged faces, the bright and cheerful classrooms and getting positive feedback from parents and elementary school teachers as our students grow, gives us proof that we are doing it the right way. We are embracing each child’s learning style, needs and goals, providing a hands-on environment for them to explore, and incorporating things like mindfulness and kindness to educate the whole child.

Additional student activities at the Purple Crayon

While the landscape of early childhood education may be changing around us, The Purple Crayon will remain the same innovative and unique program it has always been. We will not conform to a “one-size-fits-all” curriculum. As educators who are passionate about early childhood education, we will continue to work year after year to meet and exceed our students’ needs. We will embrace out of the box thinking, use our imaginations, and never conform to a cookie-cutter idea of preschool. We promise!

Monica Giampa - Owner / Director

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The Purple Crayon

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