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Hear What The Purple Crayon Families Have To Say...

My son attended Purple Crayon for 3 years. He absolutely LOVED every single one of his teachers and so did we! They are loving and so creative. The staff at Purple Crayon truly cares about every child and it shows through the smiles at pick up and drop off, the stories heard in the car ride home and the many exciting projects that line the walls of the classroom and our home. While I never had any concerns, Monica, the owner, was always there for any questions I had. My son is in third grade and still fondly remembers his time at Purple Crayon. I still am very good friends with the parents of the kiddos in his class and with the staff. We truly miss our time at Purple Crayon. 
~ Alex & Alexa Barrera

Finding the right Pre-School experience can be an intensive process, but once I met Monica Giampa and toured the Purple Crayon I knew that I had found the perfect place to send my son. The personalized attention and thought that was put into each individual student was remarkable.
~ Lisa & Franco Pilli

I cannot say enough wonderful things about The Purple Crayon and its amazing staff! We feel so lucky to have had the chance for our third child to have the opportunity to attend The Purple Crayon. Our first two did not have the same experience. Its loving, nurturing, hands on learning approach made every trip to Pre-school a very happy, exciting adventure! Monica Giampa is one of the best things that could have happened for our daughter's growth and development! Kylynn was fully prepared for Kindergarten and had a very positive attitude about what school should be like. On a scale from 1-10, The Purple Crayon is off the charts above and beyond in every way!
~ Marilyn and Jim McElroy - Northfield, NJ.

"Monica is the best teacher my son, David has ever had. David has ADHD, but Monica succeeded in keeping his attention during the day by using fun, educational, hands on activities. I observed Monica and was amazed at how she met each child's learning style and ability throughout the day. As a teacher and guidance counselor I would highly recommend Monica. She is a gifted teacher and she sincerely cares about each child."
~ Kristi Frick - Egg Harbor Township, NJ

I can't say enough amazing things about The Purple Crayon. We started both our girls there when they were 2.5. The teachers are wonderful, so kind and caring. Each and every one of them truly loves your child. The education they receive there is spectacular. We have had the best experience there with both our girls. I highly recommend the purple crayon to any new family. We will be so sad when our last baby graduates from there.
~ Jamie & Jason Blackman

From day one, we knew that Purple Crayon would become our family. Our son was one of the youngest in his class but you would never have known it by the way the teachers treated him. He not only was able to keep up with the older kids, he thrived! He went from struggling to nap and wearing a diaper, to napping and fully potty trained all within his first few months! He quickly started identifying letters and numbers, by the end of his first year he could pretty much spell each child's name in his class. From his first preschool classroom to his last, he loved every day. Our son attended 5 days a week, 4 seasons a year and we wouldn't have had it any other way. When the school year was cut short last year due to the pandemic we were so sad that his Pre-K career had to end so abruptly but Purple Crayon did everything they could to make him feel special and proud to be a Pre-K graduate, even though it looked different than other years. Our son created life long bonds with his classmates and I can see how strong their relationships are now that he is in Kindergarten. I can also see the incredible advantage he has had getting the Purple Crayon education. We are so excited to watch our other 2 children go through the program and are so grateful to have a second home at Purple Crayon.
~ Hanna & Jeff Newcomer

Words can't express the magic that happens at The Purple Crayon. I've had the privilege of sending all 3 of my littles there over the last several years. My childrens' minds have been nurtured and inspired by the kind and engaging teachers who literally pour their hearts into everything that they do. My youngest, who is in her 2nd year at The Purple Crayon, greets me at pick-up with the biggest smile eager to tell me all that she has learned. I know that she is receiving the best early education in an environment that is safe, welcoming and just so darn sweet - and most importantly, she's somewhere where she is loved.
~ Lauren Pagliughi, mom of Zachary (Purple Crayon c/o 2020), Felix (Purple Crayon c/o 2020), and Greta (Purple Crayon c/o 2022)

We were looking for a preschool where our son would learn while having fun and The Purple Crayon was a perfect match! The teachers are amazing and foster creative thinking within their curriculum. Our son loved the small group activities where he could work with his teacher and socialize with classmates. The nurturing, supportive staff quickly became a family to us and our son loved going to school every day! We truly believe The Purple Crayon provided our son with the educational foundation and life skills that will lead to a lifetime of success, both in and out of the classroom.
~ Lauren & Dave Rossi

We absolutely loved our daughters' time at The Purple Crayon. From the very first tour to the second pre-k graduation and beyond, we were all made to feel like part of a big family. First and foremost, Lucee and Martee were loved and cared for by a great group of teachers and aides. The girls felt comfortable, safe, valued, and happy with the environment from day one, which made the pre-k transition and learning come much easier. The activities were all hands on and well planned out, laying a strong foundation for their success in elementary school. As teachers ourselves, we know the importance of this exploration, repetition, structure, responsibility, and organization they received here. In addition, our girls have such fond memories of their time at The Purple Crayon. Seeing Ms. Monica and all of the staff now still brings ear to ear smiles to their faces. We are grateful that our girls were able to be a part of such a wonderful program.
We wish you all continued success and miss you all.
~ Dave, Carleena, Lucee ('16), Martee ('19) Supp

We took both our son and daughter through The Purple Crayon Learning Center for a total of 5 combined years and we could not possibly have more positive things to say about the experience. The academic preparation our children received set them up for future success as they entered grade school when their time there came to an end. Even more importantly, our entire family felt so welcomed and loved by everyone who worked there. The kids were always engaged in creative and thoughtful activities, and were able to form relationships with their classmates and teachers that have endured long beyond their years there. Ms. Monica does an outstanding job at fostering an ideal atmosphere for children to begin their journey in education. It was a great decision for our family, and one we would make again in a heartbeat!!
~ LisaAnn & Scott Betson

My families love for Ms. Monica and the staff of Purple Crayon cannot be fully expressed in words. They are loving, compassionate, detailed, immaculately clean and have provided a wonderful learning environment for all four of our children. There is no other place we trust more with our children than at Purple Crayon with Ms. Monica.
~ The Kolmer Family - Riley (8) Hayden (7) Harper (6) Bennett (4)

Purple Crayon has been like a second home for my children, and a saving grace for us as parents during the pandemic. Having a safe place for our children to learn and play has been so critical to our family. Purple Crayon is like no other because of the teachers. Their big hearts and hands-on activities keep our children engaged and excited to go to school. Our kids best memories are centers, celebrating holidays at school, relaxing on hygge days, book cooks, learning about new artists and authors, arts and crafts, and playing with their friends! We know they are in the best hands when they are there!
~ Richelle Young

We could not have been more pleased with choosing The Purple Crayon for the early education experience of our twins. The three words I would use to describe the school are happy, safe and nurturing. I always felt a sense of calm when we walked through the doors. Monica and the teachers are the best in meeting the needs of all children and making them feel special. My twins thrived there and were so well prepared for kindergarten both academically and socially. We chose their afternoon enrichment program to supplement half day kindergarten which was also wonderful. We loved every aspect of The Purple Crayon.
~ Marci & Kevin Lutsky

My husband and I are both educators so we wanted to find the perfect pre school to send our children. As soon as we walked into the Purple Crayon, we immediately felt at home. Not only are each of the teachers so loving, but they have created an environment filled with engaging lessons that keep the children entertained and using higher order thinking skills at the earliest stages of learning. We always knew our children were safe, cared for, and having fun. From hands on centers and service projects to a curriculum focused on all areas of child development, our children were excited each morning to see their teachers and friends at the Purple Crayon. Our children attended two years in the preschool program, the kindergarten enrichment program, and their summer camp. We cannot thank the Purple Crayon enough for being the foundation of our children's education. It is because of them, our children were fully prepared to start grade school!
~ Amanda and Kevin Conley

The Purple Crayon is top-notch when it comes to early childhood education. The school provided our boys with an incredible introduction to education through age-appropriate learning and play. It gave them the head start they needed in preparation of their kindergarten year. Monica and the staff are very knowledgeable, creative, and extremely warm-hearted which made sending our boys there an easy decision. We are forever grateful for their positive experience at the Purple Crayon and thrilled for our daughter to start her own early education there next year.
~ Bill & Jaclyn Todd

Both of our daughters went through preschool at the Purple Crayon. Those years were filled with love, laughter, learning, and hugs from a group of teachers that became an extension of our family. Both of our girls have always felt secure, safe, and confident at The Purple Crayon. We were also fortunate that Monica opened up summer and school year enrichment when Covid 19 modified our second graders time in school. This allowed for extra time and socialization with peers and teachers that we feel has benefited our youngest greatly. Monica and the Purple Crayon will always have a special place in our hearts.
~ Stephanie and Steve Pecora

From the amazing hands-on, child centered curriculum to the loving teachers and staff that nurtures the students, the Purple Crayon is a phenomenal preschool. The Purple Crayon has sparked a love of learning and laid a strong education foundation for our children. We are so grateful for the time they have spent there.
~ Tara & Larry Lhulier

It's amazing how life seems to fly by! We started at Purple Crayon when there was a handful of children in Monica's home. We saw a seamless transition as Purple Crayon grew and moved into its new building. As Purple Crayon grew the amount of love that the teachers provided to my children never wavered. For me, when I send my children into school my hope is that the teacher I am sending them to will provide my children with love. Purple Crayon surpassed my hopes for this. Academically they were a perfect fit for my children. I loved their creativity to make learning fun in addition to challenging them. While academics are important they also provided key socialization components and play based skills. We all want our children to excel in the classroom however it's just as important to me that I raise my children to become kind and caring individuals. Purple Crayon helped to set the foundation for important social interactions. I was confident that I would send my children into a classroom everyday that was clean, safe, fair, creative, loving and fun! Purple Crayon always went above and beyond to come up with new and innovative ideas to prepare its students for years to come. My children were more than prepared for their next academic step. I will forever be grateful that Purple Crayon was a part of our journey!
~ Jaclyn G. Roesch

Our family has been a part of the Purple Crayon community for five years and we couldn't be happier with all they have to offer. We enrolled with Purple Crayon a few months after moving to the area and touring a few local preschools. Purple Crayon seemed to be a close knit, educational, caring community of teachers and families at first glance and our experience has proven that to be true over the years and three children later. Our children have grown socially and academically while attending Purple Crayon thanks to both Monica and the teachers' genuine focus on each individual child. Purple Crayon provides an all around excellent environment for academics, introduction to classroom environments/expectations, outdoor exploration, fine arts, social skills and mindfulness.
~ Jennifer & Jonathan Pack

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